Andreas Larsen

The Recreative

Nursing is my pledged work of heart

Design & coding my proverbial mistresses

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More than 100.000 people have downloaded my contributions to the great web community.

PICTURES COMING SOON - see /old and the newer /freebies for now.

Website, logo + more created for a law firm. The client wanted a clean look with focus on the content.

Danske Love

iPhone/iPad app created together with Tobias for Used by thousands of students, police officers etc. in Denmark.

App Store

Kiteboarding + Wakeboarding Exercises

iPhone/iPad apps that I'm creating together with Tobias. Lars created the workout programs and videos.

is the first fidel (letter) when writing "Andreas" in Amharic.

Phonetically it's an e, the mid-central vowel sound schwa, which is the most common vowel sound in English - e.g.: taken, pencil and mountain.